Belated Birthday Wishes to Your Sister If She is ANGRY AT YOU!

Ok, Let me guess. You missed or forgot your sister’s birthday, Right?. One of the best gifts that God has given us was our family, especially siblings, more specifically our sisters. Some are blood-related, while some are not. Yet, the bond is always a bond. It is really hard to remember someone’s birthday. I agree. But it is really sad if you forget someone who was bonded to you, your soul, your life.

No worries when you have us with you. We help you to solve this grief and make your bond again with your sister with our belated happy birthday wishes to your sister!

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Belated Birthday Messages For Sister

1)Convincing wish: If you want to convince her and make her forgive you, use this. This could make her feel good and yes, will surely smile on reading this.

I know, you will forgive me for late wishes. But also forgive me, I can’t identify you are getting older. Belated Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl of my life. Wait! You are growing old?. The truth is I couldn’t recognise that and missed your Birthday. Happy birthday my dear sister stays young as always.

2) Apologizing wish: If you really forgot your sister’s birthday due to some work, jobs or issues and want her to accept your situation, you can use this:

I am sorry. I got stuck in some works, that I am not able to focus on my surrounding happenings. Belated Happy birthday. Hope you would forgive me.

Belated birthday wishes for sister2

Hey angry bird, I am really sorry to wish you lately. Belated happy birthday My Cutie. I don’t want your angry bird face. Always be my angel sister. With care ~ (name).

Apologizing Belated Birthday Wishes to Sister

3) Teasing wish: If you love your sister, yet want to tease her a bit and make her laugh, Don’t forget to use this one. It’s very powerful!

I don’t actually want to say this. But as per the law of fate and law of sister bond, I must say this. Happy happy birthday my devil sister.

Teasing belated birthday wishes to sister

If Hitler had a sister like you, there won’t be world war and the world would have been in peace. As I am speaking of peace, I don’t encourage any world war between us and I am raising this white page with letters to say. I am sorry for the belated birthday wishes.

4) Loving wish: If you love your sister and want her to feel your love and care for her, this is the one you are looking for!

To God’s most beautiful creation!. My mind says you should not have one day as your birthday. As I want you to be happy every day. So, I wish you today. Happy birthday, sister. Love you always.

I didn’t forget your birthday. I actually wanted to see that blissful smile on your face for one more day by saying “Happy birthday

I know you would have waited, expecting my wishes. I am really sorry my dear sister. Belated happy birthday. I would buy more chocolates and makeup sets when I come back to see you. With love (your brother).

5) Exaggerating wish: If you want to reach her and convince her immediately without fights and with laugh, here it is: take it and send it to your sister. It’s imaginative, but the words can really come from the heart of a person who wants to wish truly.

I didn’t wish you, I know. But do you know that I am preparing something amazing to give on your birthday? Still couldn’t find anything equal to your love and care. Hence, I am sending my heart linked through these words to you. Belated Happy birthday my well-wisher.

A single day is not enough for me, so I borrowed another day to wish you. Happy birthday my sweet sister, love you to the core.

Normal wish: A gentle and soothing wish:

I’m sorry, I forgot your birthday. Happy birthday, sister, be happy and stay blessed. Belated wishes sister. May Lord shower you with all his blessings.

With all these wishes you can surely impress your sister and convince her. You can change words, names to recreate it. Or just copy-paste the above wishes directly and let your sister know your care. Happy sharing!!

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