60+ Congratulations on becoming a doctor wishes, messages

So you’re up to congratulate someone for becoming a medical doctor, but nothing strikes in your mind? This ‘someone’ can be your friend, family, siblings, or might be your lover!


Cheers to wine and my hearty wishes to you for you on becoming a doctor.

Hoo… Dear yes! Finally, you achieved your dreams. Congratulations doctor madam/sir.

Hats off. You have achieved it at last. Congratulations doctor!

If you go straight, you won’t have to wait. You proved this with your hard work. I am so proud to get U as my student. My ebullient wishes to you on becoming a doctor. May God bless you, ma child!

Let’s welcome our new doctor! Congratulations for devoting your life into human service.

Congo’s on becoming a doctor. Finally, you have achieved it. Let your success reach high peaks and your name printed on papers.

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Congratulations on a new job to a friend

Where the world would be, without you as a doctor. Congratulations, Happy for you.

The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest. Congratulations friend you did it.

Health is wealth. But we need you to get that good health. Happy to see you as a Doctor. My best wishes dear.

Way to go on this giant path. You help people by your divine profession and we help you by our divine love. Congratulations!.

From now on you will be the life saver and you will be designated as the incarnation of God.

Great results come after great pain. You deserve it, Congratulations!. Do more for our world.

Congratulations on becoming doctor

Once as a Hero, once as your father, once as a friend, and at once as your patient. This is the day I dreamt in these years. Hearty wishes for my dear son.

Angels were rare to see. But we see her in our daily life as our daughter(or rename as per your relation). Now, the world is going to see our angel as a doctor. Our hearty wishes on becoming a doctor are our girl.


Oh! My Panda… I have seen you eating like hell. But, now you are going to help like hell. I still can’t believe the moment, yet accepting it and conveying my warm wishes to you on becoming a doctor, my little sista.

It’s independence day, cause you are leaving. But it’s a happy day because you have achieved your goal. Go ahead and save lives!

Wait, what little lion became King Lion?. Oh, my boy has grown so much. Congrats, we were super excited to see you like this, Doctor.

Positivity is a soulful weapon and you are going to spread it from now by your new position as a doctor. Don’t try to forget this Bestie even if you reach Mount Everest.

Kudos to you my friend. Happy for you on becoming a medical doctor. Save people’s lives like God saved our friendship!


Once a creepy thing had a huge brain and it was my sister/brother. Now, that creepy thing is going to save some lives with that little hand. Although I tease you, I love you a lot. Best wishes to my creepy creature. Let your help spread positivity in this world.

Hey little chunk, finally my torturer became a savior. However, I am very proud of you and send U my whole soulful wishes, my devil sister.

Life with you may be like salt and pepper. But, I know as a doctor You will make others’ lives sweet. Kudos, my dear demon brother/sister.

Hey there, everyone turns your head over ma bro… He is sweet, cute and now he is a doctor. Congratulations my well-wisher.

Truth is I became patient and you became a doctor. However, we are a perfect match for each other.

Hey Doctor! Love me from now, Just like you love your patients. With love ~(your name).


Finally, I am very proud to see my little girl(or rename with your relation) grow so big to save lives. Go ahead with your dreams. My blessings will surely reach you on your journey.

Congratulations on becoming doctor

The pain, the hard work, the sweat, and the blood you trade to get in this position is awesome. I am proud to say, U are my Best friend. Let my love and care travel with you on this amazing journey. Congratulations doctor!

Happy for you in this new position as a doctor. Congratulations!.


My heartfelt wishes for securing the highest rank! Congratulations!

I am insanely happy seeing you as a doctor! It feels like I am going to dance for you! Congratulations on obtaining a medical degree!

You are going to be the first doctor in our family! You are an inspiration to us!

I hope this achievement brings lots of happiness to you! Congratulations!

It’s just only the beginning! You have a long way to go! Congratulations on your
medical degree!

The best thing happens to those who work hard. Now you are living proof.

I wish this victory leads you to the path you dreamt of!

For some people, success is all about human service. You’re that kind of guy!

I just want you to know that I am so proud of you! Congratulations!

I know you never praise yourself for your achievement but now’s the time to
celebrate your victory! You have made us proud!

Hello MR. Doctor! Congratulations on your achievement!

I hope this achievement brings lots of opportunities in the future!

I had always believed that you would become something great! Now you have
firmed my dream. Congratulations!

I can’t hold the feeling now! You have fulfilled your long-cherished dream!

Now it’s your turn to give us a dinner party. OMG! You are a doctor now!

Where’s your treat, dear doctor? I have heard you have completed doctor degree! Congratulations BTW!

Hey doctor! Why not take a break to celebrate your accomplishment Congratulations!

My boy is going to be a doctor! God bless you, honey!

It’s really good to find a doctor in our home! Congratulations brother!

Congratulations on completing MBBS

I wholeheartedly congratulate you for completing MBBS!

Now you’re an MBBS doctor! My heartfelt congratulations to you!

Finally, all your hard work has paid off! Happy doctoring!

I am so proud of you! You have made it! Congratulations!

All the sacrifices you made for becoming a doctor are now paid off!

I wish this noble profession brings serenity into your life!

Now you are a doctor! Bringing smiles to your patients is your duty now. I am
paralyzed at your achievement!

Now it’s your turn to shine in your career! Congratulations on completing MBBS!

We are hell proud of your victory! Congratulations!

It is really good news for us. My warm wishes on this auspicious day!

The journey to becoming a doctor was not easy but you’ve passed the journey with your determination and hard work. Congratulations!

Congratulate you for this wonderful achievement!

Take a break for a while coz you’ve paid off for your hard work!Congratulations BTW!

Now your love for humanity comes a long way! Congratulations on completing MBBS successfully!

It’s good to find a doctor in our family finally! Congratulations dude!

All you work for the sake of humanity! Now get to the very point!

I feel completing MBBS is something like a step towards humanity. It surprises me that you have passed the step very well! Congratulations!


  • People mocked me once. They said you can’t. They said you are unable to do it. Now they were saying, ( she/he) is the one who is capable of doing it. Do not listen to others and keep doing your work. You will become a doctor like me soon!
  • Doing your own passion is a blessing. Only 1 in 1000 achieve this and my little baby has achieved it so soon. Congratulations my Doctor’s son. I am proud of you!
  • It’s tough. First I was frightened, then I panicked by seeing blood, then I cried while doing operations. But Once, I realized that I’m going to do work on behalf of God, my fears disappeared and I was reborn as a medical doctor.
  • The day arrived and I was called Doctor (name).
  • It’s not my pride. It’s my responsibility to become a medical doctor.


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