Top Funny engagement wishes to brother

Here are funny engagement wishes for brother.  Everyone wishes their brother on engagement in a very general way. You are unique. You want to wish your brother in a unique way and have some fun, you lead for it. Hope you find what you are looking for.

Engaged is a synonym for busy. Now you can officially stop your brother from bothering you because you are ‘engaged’. Congratulations on your engagement.

Brother, sharpen your swords, load your guns, stock up on your weaponry – the biggest war of your life is about to begin now that you are engaged.

People celebrate when they get out of prison. But you are celebrating the fact that you are turning yourself in, for life. Congratulations nevertheless.

Congratulations brother for finally getting the right to love officially and haunting your partner for the rest of your life.

I never thought anyone would actually agree to marry you on their own sensibility, but look at it!  So happy for you, brother! congratulations on your engagement

Congratulations brother on your engagement.  It is good that you have found your perfect match after so many years of dating.  For this I thank God.

Brother, I am with you when you say goodbye to your freedom.  You have all my sympathy, Congratulations

Who cares about your engagement? I can’t wait to go shopping for your wedding gown with you as your bridesmaid. Congratulations.

Marriage is like a public toilet, those waiting outside are desperate to get in and those inside are desperate to come out. But you shouldn’t be fearful!

I am still super shocked that you managed to score such an amazing person while being so stupid. Congratulations

I hope you stop laughing at your fiancé’s choices now because you are one of them.  Haha. Really happy for both of you. I can’t wait for our group to hug.

The secret of a happy marriage remains, a secret.

Engagement is consist of 3 rings:
1. the engagement ring
2. the wedding ring
3. and the suffering!

Engagement advice: make sure the ring is really tight so it can never be taken off! Lol

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