Most Funny Birthday Wishes for your Ex Boyfriend

Break up is painful! But the memories we shared will always stay with us forever. No matter how far we live from each other, we tend to never forget the born day of our special ones! So we’re bringing a collection of funny birthday wishes for your ex-boyfriend. On this auspicious day, forget what
happened in the past; wish him with your hearts open— no complaint from your side! Let’s send a message to show that you haven’t forgotten him yet.

Happy birthday to my dishoom-dishoom old lover! Have you changed yet?

You are a long-racing horse, how can your girlfriend-list end so sudden! Run run run… happy birthday!

You made love, I made love. All of a sudden you disappeared like a fart (haha). Anyway, Happy birthday to the good-bed!

I remembered the last birthday where you puke all round the washroom! Act like a sober guy, old lover!

You might think I have forgotten your intolerable snoring at night, you are wrong. Happy birthday to you, sleepy guy!

Fat Boyfriend funny birthday wishes

It’s your birthday and I am not going to pay the bills, it is your turn to treat a dinner night! Happy birthday to my ex miser-rr!

I tried to forget your birthday but I couldn’t! As we shared thousands of funny memories in the past, happy birthday to my joker!

I am still surprised you are still alive! Just kidding. Happy birthday to my old lover!

You are getting old, my ex-boyfriend! Why don’t you get married now! Anyway, happy birthday to the handsome guy!

What can I gift for your birthday? Umm… lemme think…how about a truck of cheeseburgers (haha).
Happy birthday to my old fat boyfriend!

I hope you have added gym classes by now! I don’t want to see your plummy cheek once again (just
kidding!). Wish you the warmest happy birthday!

Though I am not with you, I know how you eat so much. Happy birthday to my oldy fatty guy!

Thin and Short Funny Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

I still remember how you secretly enjoyed pastry at night! Eat, eat, eat… as much as you want; I am
not there to stop you! Happy birthday, fatty, take care!

I am still younger than you! Yay!!! Happy birthday to the oldy goldy!

Ageing is the most hated side effect of Birthday. Happy birthday, dear ex!

Tell your current girlfriend to take care of you… poorly-insanely you are thin! Whatever you are, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met! Happy birthday to my ex!

Wish you have many many happy returns of the day— oh! You are momma boy!!

It is sad to inform you that your childhood has expired, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my shorty!

We look perfect— you are short, I am short. Definitely, we were the perfect circus item! Happy

Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

This long-distance cannot set up apart while my heart still beats for you. Happy birthday !

We quarrel, we partied, we slept together. Now we both live far away from each other — destiny has
its destiny! Happy birthday to my Ex!

Happy birthday to the far living human being who is always ready to protect me to any extent!

I didn’t think that it would hurt such hell until I moved to LA! Happy birthday!

Whenever I think of you, a faded smile appears on my lips. It is now that those memories are enough
to feel your presence! Happy birthday dear oldy!

I was wrong while I thought you would come to (place mame) to live with you. I know it is past and I have
script it! Happy birthday to you, old Romeo!

It beats me why you left me so sudden. I know there would be reasons! I could not remember our first meeting yet! Happy birthday to you!

If you come across my side, please don’t forget to ping for a while! I am longing to talk face-to-face.
Happy birthday to my old handsome!

You are free to share Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend ! Remember,
forgiving is a great gift! If you like this collection of ours, feel free to leave a comment!

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