THOUGHTs by Sonny Chiba | Legend Never die

Sonny Chiba is no more. But he will always be alive in our hearts. This is a very heart breaking moment for his fans. He taught us a lot about martial arts. He remained known internationally under the name Sonny Chiba and appeared in the film The Kill Bill. Chiba takes pride in being leading in Japan’s action film industry and never loses enthusiasm for creating films that will achieve successes abroad. He created the Japanese Action Club Training Facility which produced young action stars including Hiroyuki Sanada.
On this heartbreaking day I would like to share his quotes for his fans.

An actor’s body should be full of emotions, whether it is happiness or sorrow, pain or joy, enraged or elated.
– Sonny Chiba

Action is drama. If we cannot make the audience laugh, smile or cry with us, we are not actors.
– Sonny Chiba

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