Best DIVORCE MESSAGES for Your Spouse If You’re Struggling to Say

There are many happenings in one’s life that are really hard to digest and one such thing is divorce. Divorce is not a disaster but living in a marriage that is not serving you well is surely a disaster. It’s because your happily ever after doesn’t worked out well.

If you are not happy with your partner and thinking to take a divorce, then this article is for you.

Divorce messages for husband

Blame game is very easy for you but I don’t want to be a part of such hatred or negativity in my life. So, I want to have a divorce with you.

Sometimes, we need to bid goodbye to our closed ones because the only remedy for marital issues is divorce. So it’s better that we should separate ourselves from this bond.

I know my worth very well, so I have decided to pick my suitcase and depart my ways from you because I can’t tolerate my husband cheating on me. So happy divorce!

I always felt that a new environment will bring us together but my hope soon reverted and we drifted apart. So now what’s the point of staying together? It’s better to separate and live a happy life individually.

You always neglected me. I was never your priority and I understood that I will never be. You have changed. I no longer feel your existence in my life. So, let’s part our ways and take divorce!

I have realised that everything has changed now. I don’t know where is the man I loved so deeply? I can’t bear this pressure, so I have decided to take divorce from you.

Just because I gained weight, I suddenly became less attractive for you. If this is the reason then it’s better to take a divorce from each other.

My dear husband! If you are thinking that i will spend my time facing the consequences for what you did to me and the way you hurt me, then you are wrong because I am not responsible for my bad deeds. I want a divorce from you because I am not going to allow you to hurt me one more time.

Divorce messages for wife

There’s always a lack of commitment from your side. You took no effects to strengthen our bond and now i really feel alone. That’s why I want a divorce from you! And don’t even think to delay it.

Marriage not only binds the two souls but it also binds the two families as well. But I don’t think that you realised this thing my wife. I really can’t tolerate the way you treat my parents. So I have decided to take divorce from you. And now no one can change my decision because if you can’t respect my parents then I can’t live with you.

You became so busy with your office work that you failed to perform your household responsibility! And whenever I try to communicate, you always made our conflicts worse. So I think that divorce can only few out our conflict. It’s over!

I really feel disheartened because you don’t listen to what I say and this keeps on continuing every other day. I
feel alone now!

I don’t think that our relationship is working the way we always desired. Now the only way to solve this problem is divorce.

‘I want a divorce’. I hate these 4 words but now a part of me feels like I don’t want to be or live with you anymore! It’s better to separate because I won’t bear your ignorance.

Dear wife! I want to tell you that I am leaving you. I have always been a good husband but i think you have left your job to be a good wife.
Have a great life ahead. Hope to never meet you again!

You have completely changed from past 2 years. I feel like you are neglecting me. You don’t tell me that how much you love me like you always told before. I don’t know that whether you are cheating me or your love for me has gone or what’s the matter! So it’s better to take a divorce and live happily without each other.

Divorce messages for girlfriend

I feel strongly that we don’t love each other the way we did before. So there’s no use staying with each other. But yes, we can surely maintain our friendship and continue being friends.

You always lied to me and I always trusted you. But now everything is crystal clear. You broke my heart into pieces and that’s why I have decided to end our relationship and started my search for a person who will be loyal towards me.

I am tired of your insecurities. Your approaches and your words have compelled me to leave you. I am too late to realize that I wasted my time giving you the love you don’t deserved. Goodbye!

You always messed up things and then you regret. But again you start doing the same thing all over again. That’s the reason I can’t trust you anymore so I have decided to take a divorce and part my ways from you. And don’t think that I will regret about me decision because this is the best decision I made for us.

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